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DIP & SMT - RBS1006 Series

DIP & SMT - RBS1006 Series DIP & SMT - RBS1006 Series

Product ID: Contact-ball

●        FUNCTION

1.    RBS100600、RBS100610T:

25° Tilt Detecting for 4 Directions in horizontal position.

2.    RBS100601、RBS100611T:

Rotation detection at 45° in vertical position.

3.    RBS100602、RBS100612T:

Vibration detection in horizontal position.


●        PATENTS

  1. Taiwan Patent No. I 239025
  2. Taiwan Patent No. I 261280
  3. Taiwan Patent No. M 455971
  4. U.S.A. Patent No. US 7,045,724 B1
  5. U.S.A. Patent No. US 7,473,857 B2
  6. China Patent No. ZL 200410091589.7
  7. China Patent No. ZL 200610078234.3
  8. China Patent No. ZL 201220661492.5  



1     RBS100600、RBS100610T:

1.1    Wake up systems for power saving,

such like remote controllers

1.2    Automatically shut off for home appliances

1.3    Automatically shut off for Sporting equipment

1.4    Alarm system

1.5  Anti-theft / Anti-tamper devices

1.6  Being motion detection (personal locator)

2. RBS100601、RBS100611T:

2.1  Rotation Detection for kinds of monitor/device

2.2  Toys、entertainment devices

3. RBS100602、RBS100612T:

3.1  Wireless mouse

3.2  Anti-theft / Anti-tamper devices

3.3  Alarm system
 3.4  Toys、entertainment devices 


●        FEATURES

1.    PCB direction for applications:

Horizontal PCB : RBS100600、RBS100610T、RBS100602、RBS100612T

Vertical PCB : RBS100601、RBS100611T

2.    Switch State:

n   Rotation detection

Normal open: RBS100600、RBS100610T

Normal close: RBS100601、RBS100611T

Vibration detection RBS100602、RBS100612T :

RBS1006X2 acts like a normally open switch which chatters closed and open as it is tilted or vibrated.  Note that the RBS1006X2 is not guaranteed to be open --- occasionally the sensing mechanism may remain close when at rest. The engineer should design his or her software to look for high-to-low and low-to-high edge transitions rather than an open or closed state of the switch.

3. Small size & compact space.

4.    Housing made of high insulation plastic material, free from electric conduction and rust problem.

5. Terminals and balls are gold plated to enhance the life.

6.    All plastic material subject to industrial purpose meets high temperature and fireproof function.

7. Simple switch signal, easy for circuit design.

8.    Comply with RoHS,complete replacement of mercury switch and meet environmental protection.

9. More economic than IC design.

10.All made in Taiwan and examined before shipment. 

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