2017 The 21th electronic Asia (Hong Kong) Date: Oct 13-16 Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Booth No: 5F-B10
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Certificate of 2016 D&B TOP 1000 SMEs Elite Award

TÜV Rheinland Certification

Exhibition 2016

2016 electronicAsia 20th

Time: Oct 13-16,2016

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre  

Booth No: 5F-D27



Time: Oct 6-9, 2016

Venue:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre, Hall 1

Booth No:I1127a


2016 IFA

Time: September 2 - 7, 2016

Venue:  Berlin ExpoCenter City Messedamm 22D-14055 Berlin Germany  

Booth No: booth Hall 27#107


2016 International CES

Time: January 6 - 9, 2016   

Venue: LVCC, South Hall 3 -- 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109,USA

Booth No.: 32016

New Factory expansion at The Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park

We moved to new factory site in Jan. 2015 located in Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park with land of 6610 sqm and floor area of 12,274 sqm.
Add: No.1, Jingke 3rd Rd., Taichung City 408, Taiwan
TEL : +8864--2358-8178
FAX : +886-4-2358-3555

Exhibitions 2015

Electronic Asia 2015

Date: 13-16th October 2015

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth No. 5F-D13



Date: 6-9th October 2015

Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall

Booth No.  I1230


2015 International CES

Time: Jan. 6 – Jan. 9, 2015

Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 3

Booth: 32027

Exhibitions 2014

2014 Electronica Munich

Time: Nov. 11 – Nov. 14, 2014

Venus: Messe Muenchen

Booth No. 1B.106


KES 2014 Korea Electronic Show

Date: 14-17 October 2014

KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center)


Electronic Asia 2014 

Date: 13 - 16 October 2014

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center


Taitronics 2014 

Date: 6 – 9 October 2014

Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall


Shunde Expo 2014 

Date: August 21st-23rd, 2014

Shunde Exhibition Centre, China


Techno-Frontier 2014

Date: July 23rd-25th, 2014

Tokyo Big Sight


AWE 2014 - Appliance World Expo

Date: 18th-21st, March 2014

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)


2014 AMPER 

Date: 18th-21st, March 2014

Brno Exhibition Centre


Nepcon Japan 2014  

Time: January 15th - 17th, 2014

Tokyo Big Sight  



2014 International CES   

Time: January 7 - 10, 2014.   

Venue: LVCC, South Hall 3 -- 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109,USA

Booth No.: 32070

Automatic Power-Off for Home Appliances

Founded in 1996, OncQue has established its name as the trusted roll ball switches provider. Our company has developed many new types of tilt and vibration sensor switches during the 14 years since its inception. And, to this date, OncQue has been awarded more than 70 patents for roll ball switches, including tilt sensor switches, vibration sensor switches, centrifugal force sensor switches, and optical sensor switches. Each of these sensor switches carries its special role to perform the functions that meet buyers' requirements and applications. The main applications of OncQue's sensor switch lines are: toys, sporting equipments, computers, note books, alarms, security systems, appliances with automatically power-off, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), centrifugal force detecting, earthquake detecting, RFID, wireless devices for saving power supply, etc.

According to the statistics released by Taiwan's National Fire Agency, despite a reduction in the number of fire accidents in 2008 compared to the previous year, accidents caused by electric appliances still ranked the highest, with 33% more in the number of incidents reported compared to those among other types of fire accidents. The data shows rough resemblance to the statistics found elsewhere in the rest parts of the world. As more electronic components are incorporated into the design of electric appliances, more and more manufacturers today see the application of automated safety protection technology as a necessary feature of the future appliance products. Oncque's family of product lines deliver more than just what traditional physical controllers may perform - the detection of sudden tilt or motion of the product units; Our electronic sensor switches are housed on individual printed circuit boards (PCB), offering the added benefits of maximum protection against outside interference, humidity, and rust build-up. The mechanism of combing tilt or vibration detection allows our switches to cut off power supply not only when the tilts occurred but also when huge vibrations are detected. And the manufacturing and maintenance costs by incorporating our products into your projects are lower than the costs of using traditional reed and pendulum witches. With these advantages, our sensor switches will replace the traditional tilt detecting devices for detecting power failures.

OncQue follows the management philosophy - Creation, Action, Value, and Service- to provide customers the highest added value. What's more, our teams of researchers constantly develop new products to meet the needs of our wide gamut of customers. In a matter of just few years in business, Oncque's efforts have been recognized. The company won the 10th and 12th Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Research Award (2003 and 2005), and have received the National Invention Award three times, in 2004, 2005, and 2008, from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. While we can take pride in these achievements, we also realized that customer service remained our main concern in business. At OncQue, our relentless pursuit of product value, reliability and innovation has always been placed on the top priority. By developing more accurate, practical electronic components, we deliver value-added products to our customers' hands without compromising their quality.

Applications of Roll Ball Switches

1. Security Industry

Fall detection for home electrical appliances; Position detection for iron, earthquake detection; Automatic lighting system for car hood opening and bicycle light. In addition, our centrifugal force sensor switches can be used on Tire Press Measuring System (TPMS). They may lengthen operation life of batteries substantially.

2. Wireless Industry

Power savings for wireless devices: such as multi-remote controllers, mice‚ laser markers, detecting creature moving, etc. Under normal circumstances, power savings can be achieved. In order to save battery power, the power will be active when articles or units move.

3. Anti-theft Industry

The detection of movements used for anti-theft purpose, popularly used on home appliances and cars. We supply different level of sensitivity of vibration sensor switches for installing on different devices and positions.

4. Entertainment Industry

Utilize change of tilt or vibration principle on toys and sporting equipment; Increase the amusement substantially.

The actual applications using our sensor switches:

a. Multi-remote controller
b. LCD monitor rotation
c. Digital photo frame
e. Bicycle lamp
f. Iron
g. Humidifying machine
h. Electric meter
i. Laser marker for bending machine
j. Anti-theft device
k. Electric fan

Energy Saving with Roll Ball Switches

With oil prices rising steadily, the cost of energy is expected to remain high for the foreseeable future. Therefore, improving energy efficiency while reducing carbon emissions has become one of the biggest issues on the human agenda. Saving energy not only helps your pocketbook, it also helps the planet earth. OncQue embraces this energy-saving trend, leveraging more than its ten years experience in the design, manufacturing of Roll Ball Switches to deliver solutions aimed at improving energy efficiency for various application. It's our token of support to help make the planet earth more sustainable.

OncQue's Roll Ball Switches are capable of detecting not only the target object's tilt and vibration, but also it's centrifugal force generated by the action of rotation. By incorporating OncQue's roll ball technology, you can add an automatic switch-on feature to your product's functionality. For battery-powered products, OncQue's Roll Ball Switches makes the transfer of power from the battery to the target unit more energy efficient. To this date, a number of power-saving applications associated with OncQue's Roll Ball Switches are available, such as:

1. Tilt Sensor Switch

A typical application of the Tilt Sensor Switches is remote controller, capable of detecting the tilting of unit at a certain angle. One of the most common features found in today's remote controllers is the backlight function. Devices that incorporated this function provide users the benefit of operating the remote controllers in the dark. Yet the biggest disadvantage is perhaps the cost associated with its excess of power consumption. From a designer's perspective, however, it is important to produce a remote controller which activates only upon user's demand. By incorporating OncQue's Tilt Sensor Switches, designers and manufacturers can easily equip their remote controllers with this automatic switch-on, switch-off functionality. This means that the backlight function is activated only when users pick up the remote controllers. While users placed the remote controllers horizontally, aligning the controllers with the horizontal plane, the Tilt Sensor Switches will deactivate the backlight function automatically.

2. Vibration Sensor Switch

Vibration Sensor Switches detect vibration from any direction. Products embedding the Vibration Sensor Switches consume less energy because the power is used only when the units are activated. One of the key applications is the GPS systems used in automobiles. The Vibration Sensor Switches will synchronously activate the GPS systems upon the detection of the car's vibration when users turned on the ignition systems. This feature helps conserve power because the GPS systems are deactivated while the car's ignition is off. Yet the automatic switch feature delivers consumers energy efficient automobile GPS systems with a sprinkling of human touch design.

3. Centrifugal Force Sensor Switch

The Centrifugal Force Sensor Switches are suitable for applications which require the detection of centrifugal force generated by the rotating objects. These tiny sensor switches integrates well with various physical and electrical properties, enabling designers with the most economical solution to implement centrifugal force detection. Centrifugal Force Sensor Switches may be applied to Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to fulfill the requirements of power saving. The switches may be installed inside the tire pressure detectors, which are positioned inside or outside of the tires. When tires rotate and generate sufficient centrifugal force, the Centrifugal Force Sensor Switches will instruct tire pressure detectors to send wireless signals to the TPMS. When the centrifugal force generated by the tire's rotation falls below a certain level, the Centrifugal Force Sensor Switches will instruct the tire pressure detectors not to send wireless signals to the TPMS. This means that energy is only consumed by the tire pressure detectors when signals are being sent while the car is moving.

Do you wish to know more about how OncQue's Roll Ball Switches can help your products save energy and reduce carbon emissions? Please feel free to CONTACT US. Our friendly representatives are ready to serve you.

Roll Ball Switches in Smart Meters

In the face of shrinking raw energy supply and rising fuel costs, countries around the global are scrambling to develop innovative energy-saving initiatives. One way to tackle this energy issue is to implement the smart grid technology. Smart grids reduce energy consumption, and, therefore, help improve energy efficiency. The placement of a smart grid involves setting up smart watt hour meters (digital watt hour meters) at the premises of the end consumers.

Compared to the traditional mechanical watt hour meters that monitor only energy consumption, digital watt hour meters act as two-way communication channel, delivering electricity usage information between power plants and consumers. With this piece of information now available, consumers are able to better manage their electricity consumption while power plants can study the information to balance, say, the amount of electricity load during rush hours, making smarter choices about how to offer time-based pricing to their customers. Riding the wave of this digital power management trends, Taiwan plans to replace the analog watt hour meters currently used by its 21-million energy consumers with digital watt hour meters before 2014. This initiative will help the consumers save about NTD 81.00 per month and will reduce the overall electricity usage during rush hours by up to 50%.

OncQue, being a trusted name in the Roll Ball Switch production, has not missed out on this trend. In fact, the company has developed various solutions to integrate its Roll Ball Switches with today's digital watt hour meters. The simple feature of ON and OFF signals makes it easy and simple to integrate OncQue's switches into your design, and the feature of accurately operating at low temperatures greatly maintains the operational reliability in extreme environments. With OncQue's Roll Ball Switches built into design, companies can deliver watt hour meters that embed features like movement detection, tamper and theft protection. Our years of experiences in assisting watt hour meter makers with their product development have given us the confidence that we can provide practical suggestions on your next project.

Are you designing digital watt hour meters? Welcome to OncQue's SHOWROOM to learn more about our various Roll Ball Switches. Or, simply CONTACT US directly to receive more information.