Non Contact Liquid Level (upper and lower level detecting) Sensor

  • Non Contact Liquid Level (upper and lower level detecting) Sensor
  • Non Contact Liquid Level (upper and lower level detecting) Sensor
Description: Capacitive
Function: Non Contact Liquid Level (upper and lower level detecting) Sensor
Certification: RoHS,Patent
Original Place: Taiwan

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LLS040200 Non Contact Liquid Level (upper and lower level detecting) Module Sensor


Liquid Level Changing and Signal Output

The double layer level sensor includes one main board and one sensing board.

During usage, defining different liquid level, the level sensor module will send the logic signal via Signal 1 and Signal 2 pins The signal and the corresponding change of the liquid level will be shown as below.

  • When the liquid level is lower than the lower layer, both of upper and lower indicator light s are o ff and the logic signal of Signal 1 and Signal 2 are low (L).
  • When the liquid level is between upper layer and lower layer , the indicator light of upper layer is off and the one of lower layer is on . T he logic signal of Signal 1 is low ( L ) and the logic signal of Signal 2 is high (H)
  • When the liquid level is higher than upper l ayer both of indicator light s are on , and logic signal of the Signal 1 and Signal 2 are high (H).

**The module is functioned with auto calibration. Please install it when there's no liquid in the application. Any c hanging of liquid level or
circumstances will be calibrated automatically.

**Maximum Sensing Distance D at 25 °C 7.0 mm from water to sensing area includes the thickness of container

Electrical Characteristic

Parameter SYM. Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Operating Voltage Vdd 4.5 5.0 5.5 Volt

The output logic voltage level of Signal 1 meet TTL voltage level standard.

Absolute Maximum Rating Ta=25 °C

Operating Temperature Topr -20℃~+80
Storage Temperature

  • Function: Non contact Liquid level detecting (upper and lower level detecting)
  • In practice there are two corresponding TTL logic signal s to each level change respectively if the liquid level is higher or lower than the sensing area of upper and lower layer
  • The module is used to detect the existence of liquid by sensing the capacitance, and the capacitance of liquid will be changed with temperature, especially water. Auto calibration will be started while sensing big changing of capacitance.
  • If the liquid will have been sensed the change in temperature, please be noted that the maximum sensing distance D will be also changed. Therefore, if fixed sensing distance, the sensed height of liquid level can vary due to the impact of liquid temperature. In practice, the change in the height of liquid level should be determined by actual measurement
  • Attention: This level sensor module uses the embedded sensing capacitance to detect the change of liquid level; therefore, it must keep all metal articles or human body influencing the capacitance far away from the sensing area to avoid the disoperation. There should be a certain distance between metal article or human body and sensing area. The distance should be determined by actual measurement.
  • The male connector ( pitchpitch:1.25mm ) and the wire are not included in the standard package. It 's need ed to purchase if required.
  • For customized design, it’s recommend that the line length between the sensing area and the main IC should not exceed 35cm.
  • Please do not exceed the rated load as there will be a risk of disabling the product function.
  • For the continued product improvement as one of the company policy, specifications may change or update without notice. The latest information can be obtained through our sales offices. Normally, all products are supplied under our standard conditions.

The variation of liquid height in upper level or lower level of the non metallic container can be detected by using this sensor without having contact with the liquid,especially for drinking water filter, coffee machine and etc. The traditional sensors need to be installed inside of the container to detect the liquid level, having the risk of contaminating the drinking water. It can provide consumer a more reliable selection.

Coffee / Water Dispenser

Other applications that need non contact liquid level detect ion

Model : LLS040200