Automatic Power-off for Irons

Automatic Power-off

Install a tilt sensor on irons, tilt sensor provides ON/OFF signal continuously when user keep using irons, irons will keep working at this situation; once the signal maintains at ON or OFF signal for a certain time, irons will be automatic power-off by program design in order to prevent dangers.

Three-way Automatic Power-off

Install a three-way optical tilt sensor on irons, when irons left-leaning, right-leaning or in upright status, irons will be automatic power-off after a while due to High/Low signals change in order to prevent danger.


  Recommend Model

OncQue RBS020902 Shock detecting Sensor Switch

  • Shock detecting
  • Switch State: SMD Normal Open
  • Horizontal PCB
  • Dimension: Ø3*7.8 mm

OncQue RBS370101  Photoelectric 3 way Tilt Senor Switch

  • 3-Way auto shut off
  • 45° Tilt for X axis + 10° tilt for Y axis(one-way)detecting
  • Horizontal PCB
  • Dimension: 8*10.5*10 mm

OncQue EIC010100 Electric Iron Auto Shut Off Controller Module

Condition Function
Moving forward and backward Start heating
Over 8 minutes in Vertical position
Stop heating
Over 30 seconds in horizontal position without movement
Stop heating

Over 30 seconds when left or right tilted

Stop heating