Counting Number of Times for Filter Cartridge

Install a tilt sensor switch on a filter cartridge module to count the number of using times by the change of ON/OFF signal when pouring water.  Through this, filter cartridges will be used more reasonably and effectively by couting number of using times rather than time countdown.



  Recommend Model


OncQue RBS320103 Photoelectric One Way Tilt Sensor Switch

  • Horizontal One way tilt detection
  • Operating Angle: 30°
  • Type: DIP
  • Dimension: 8*6*8 mm


OncQue RBS210403 15° Tilt detecting in One Axis Sensor Switch

  • Operating Angle: 15°
  • Switch State: SMD Normal Close
  • Suitable for Horizontal PCB
  • Dimension: Ø4*7.5 mm


OncQue RBS020902 Horizontal Tilt detecting Sensor Switch

  • Horizontal Tilt Detecting
  • Operating Angle <20°
  • Switch state: SMD Normal Open.
  • Dimension: Ø3*7.8 mm