Automatic Power-off for Sweeping Robots

Install a tilt sensor switch on sweeping robots, when sweeping robots tilted or flip over, the tilt sensor will change ON/OFF signal and make sweeping robots shut-off automatically in case of danger.
Angles option of tilt sensor: 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 65°



  Recommend Model

OncQue RBS330211T SMD Photoelectric Tilt Sensor Switch

  • Operating Angle :30°
  • Type: SMD
  • Suitable for Horizontal PCB
  • Dimension: 8*10.5*12 mm


OncQue RBS360101 Photoelectric Tilt Sensor Switch

  • Operating Angle30°
  • Type: DIP
  • Suitable for Horizontal PCB
  • Dimension8*10.5*10 mm