Tilt Sensor Module (DC)

  • Tilt Sensor Module (DC)
  • Tilt Sensor Module (DC)
Function:Tilt detecting power control within a 360° radius
Certification: RoHS,Patent
Original Place: Taiwan

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TPC030100 Tilt Sensor Module (DC) 

  • Automatically power shut off - Automatic power off after tilting when devices power on.
  • Mainly used for DC24V power supply, an external RELAY needed for back-end control.

Electrical Characteristics

Technical Specifications
(POWER) Input
DC 24 V
Current Consumption
About 16~30 mA
(OUT) Output
DC 24V
**Max Output Current
200 mA

** In order not to damage the transistor of TPC030100, please do not connect the output to the device with the power consumption over the max output current. 

Absolute Maximum Rating(Ta=25

Operating Temperature Topr -25℃~+85
Storage Temperature

  • When TPC030100 is placed horizontally, power keeps output to the device continuously.  Red led lights up.
  • When TPC030100 tilted, power stops output to the device.  Red led turns off.
  • Please do not exceed the rated load as there will be a risk of disabling the product function.
  • The tilt sensor switch in the circuit should be away from strong magnetic components, e.g. transformer, etc.
  • For the continued product improvement as one of the company policy, specifications may change or update without notice. The latest information can be obtained through our sales offices. Normally, all products are supplied under our standard conditions.
Tilt or upside-down detecting and force various types of devices power off automatically.