Quality Certification


2018 Management Policy

Quality (ISO9001) : High quality is our main concern.
Environmental (ISO14001) : Comfortable and Environment-friendly living society.
Safety & Hygiene (ISO45001) : Industrial Safety and Hygiene & Labor Safety.


Hazardous Substances Free and Green Product Policy

All of products are also in line with RoHS, REACH and other international standards.

HSF : Complying with regulations and customer requirements.
Conflict Minerals Statement

RoHS & REACH Statement
RBS02 series (223 substances)

RBS04 series, RBS0703 series, RBS0704 series, RBS13 series, RBS20 series (223 substances)

RBS15 series, RBS17 series, VBS06 series (223 substances)

RBS31 series, RBS33 series, VBS04 series (223 substances)

RBS32 series, RBS36 series, RBS37 series, RBS38 series, RBS39 series, RBS40 series (223 substances)

RBS35 series (219 substances)

RBS0503 series, RBS21 series, VBS0306 series (223 substances)

RBS0705 series, RBS0706 series, RBS1006 series, VBS0801 series (223 substances)

DPI series (219 substances)