OncQue Corp. contribute to the society with actions, donating to the Underprivileged students for many years in a row

The Wealth Gap in Taiwan has grown wider in the recent past. Many underprivileged groups need support.

From 2019, OncQue Corp. began to support the underprivileged students in the junior high schools who are determined to enter senior high school, protecting their education rights. While the company is making profits, it has continued to support underprivileged children to go to school stably and bravely pursue their dreams.

This year, there were three students who successfully entered Taichung senior high school. The chairman of OncQue Corp., Mr. Chou, also encouraged the students to set goals and move forward bravely, and never forget to contribute to the community.

Education is the foundation of everything, OncQue Corp. will do its utmost to support more underprivileged students.