Tilt Switch

Tilt Switch is also known as Angle Sensor, Angle Switch, Tilt Sensor, Tip-Over Switch or Anti-Dumping Switch.Angle options of Tilt Switch: 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 65°. Tilt Switch provides a simple ON/OFF signal when the application tilts to a certain angle according to each tilt switch.  Once the signal changed, the trigger function of your design will be executed automatically.

There are a variety of applications for Tilt Switch, e.g. Automatic power-off for smart home appliances like heaters or irons, screen rotation for monitors, anti-theft system, auto-awake system for power-saving, etc.  Any kind of application which needs tilt detection is suitable.

For the similarities and differences of each model based on the manufacturing process and other technical details, such as soldering methods, precautions, etc., please refer to the datasheet (downloadable on the page of each model).