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Date: 13 October - 16 October 2023
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Booth No.: 5B-F16

Education is the foundation of social progress, and the gap between the rich and the poor
should not be the reason of education imbalance anymore. Oncque provides scholarship to
hard-studying students at the same time we are thriving as we never forget the social
responsibility of being an entrepreneur. We hope all those outstanding students be the pillar of
society in their bright future, and lead Taiwan to the global world.
2023 January 10 th , Oncque chairman signed a new contract in Yu Ying Junior High School
(Taichung Industrial High School Alumni Association, Oncque Chairman, Yu Ying Junior High
School Principal), supporting extraordinary students from disadvantaged families which makes

education not just a dream but a chance to seize, to cherish, and to head to a better life.


With the continuous development of industry and technology, greenhouse gases have been

raising the temperature and causing global warming and therefore make environment
protection an urgent issue. In response to Net Zero Emissions, carbon neutrality is a way to

improve the environment. Tree planting is currently the most common method to compensate
by renewing and conservating energies.
Oncque not only takes but also gives back to our society. By the time we enlarge the
business field, we improve with mother nature by tree planting and so far we can reduce
25.86KG/ per day CO2 KG.
Oncque invites you to rescue our planet together. By one person it’s just a small action, by

a group of you it’s a protection, for we human, for the planet, and for our home.


Date: 8 October - 21 October

Venue: Makuhari Messe

Booth No.:

The Wealth Gap in Taiwan has grown wider in the recent past. Many underprivileged groups need support.

From 2019, OncQue Corp. began to support the underprivileged students in the junior high schools who are determined to enter senior high school, protecting their education rights. While the company is making profits, it has continued to support underprivileged children to go to school stably and bravely pursue their dreams.

This year, there were three students who successfully entered Taichung senior high school. The chairman of OncQue Corp., Mr. Chou, also encouraged the students to set goals and move forward bravely, and never forget to contribute to the community.

Education is the foundation of everything, OncQue Corp. will do its utmost to support more underprivileged students.

Date: 27 October - 29 October 2021


Date: 27 October - 06 November 2021
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Booth No.: ONL-50

Date: 14-16 April 2021 (Wednesday-Friday)
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Booth No.: 4761

【 Announcement 

All of our products are designed and MADE IN TAIWAN. 

Novel Coronavirus ( Wuhan coronavirus ) does not affect our production line, shipping service maintain well.

The production lines include Tilt Switch, Vibration Sensor, Shock Sensor, Optical Sensor, Module, as well as Photo Interrupters and different kinds of Sensor Module.

Wish you Health and Happiness.