Rotary International with OncQue Corporation held a Tree-Planting Activity


【2018.03.08 Economy Daily News 

Rotary International 3462 District, partition 1-4 with OncQue Corporation held a Tree-Planting Activity for the earth at OncQue Corporation in Taichung Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park on Mar 8th.

The Governor of 3462 District – Ming Xian, Xie Couples, Assistant District Governor and the Chairman of OncQue Corporation -Tien Ming, Chou Couples, the Main Committee of the activity -Chi Chuan, Lai, District Service Team, eight Presidents and their spouses, R.I. members of partition 1-4, and the General Manager of OncQue Corporation - Sheng Liang, Liang with his team, more than 80 people join this activity together.

“We get together here and respond to the Tree-Planting Activity for the earth of R.I. President- Ian H.S. Riseley, hope each member can plant at least one tree so then there will be 1.2 million new trees on earth, to try his/her best to protect our green-environmental planet.” Assistant District Governor - Tien Ming, Chou said.

There are different kinds of breeds, including 210 Ceylon Ardisia, 43 Lan-Yu Michelia, 7 Osmanthus, 1 big Juniperus Chinensis Var, and 6 small Juniperus Chinensis Var, in a total amount of 267 saplings. Hope we can accomplish planting this breeds by our hands. Establish the cooperation between businesses and clubs. Try our best to protect our earth in order to make ‘ROTARY: MAKING A DIFFERENCE’ into practice and go forward.

“Rotary International President Riseley hopes 1.2 million R.I. members from all over the world can plant one tree before Apr. 22nd (World Earth Day), to improve the environment on earth, reduce air pollution of PM2.5, be an environmental friendly model of our next generation, love our earth together, live a healthy and joyful life in a refreshing and beautiful environment.” Said by 3462 District Governor - Ming Xian, Xie.

Today, everyone plants its own tree by their hands, make a contribution to protect the Earth. At the same time, fulfilled the mission of planting trees which R.I. has assigned early. Make a wish with everyone here that we will plant the trees together again next year to let the earth endless.