Automatic Start Up for Remote Control

When remote controls are not in use, the tilt sensor inside remote control keeps at OFF signal, remote controls are in sleep mode.  When users pick up the remote controls, tilt sensor provides ON signal and remote controls will be turned on automatically.  The batteries will last longer by install tilt sensor on remote controls.

  Recommend Model

OncQue RBS020902 SMD Tilt Angle Detecting Sensor Switch

  • Operating Angle: <20°
  • Switch State: SMD Normal Open
  • Suitable for Horizontal PCB
  • Dimension: Ø3*7.8 mm

OncQue RBS200112 20°Tilt Detecting For 4 Directions Sensor Switch

  • Operating Angle: 20°
  • Switch State: DIP Normal Open
  • Suitable for Horizontal PCB
  • Dimension: 9.58*4.5*4.5 mm

OncQue VBS030600 SMD Sensitive Omni-Directional Vibration Sensor Switch

  • Type: SMD
  • Both Suitable for Horizontal and Vertical PCB
  • Dimension: 4*4*7.5 mm
  • Not sold in the USA