Automatic Power-off for UVC Light

To avoid UVC light shining into the eyes, install a tilt angle switch on UVC light to detect if the light is tilted up by the change of on/off signal sent by the tilt angle switch.

Angles range of tilt switch: 45° to 135°

  Recommend Model

OncQue RBS070310  135° Tilt Switch For Reverse Mount PCB

  • Operating Angle: 135°
  • Type: DIP
  • Suitable for reverse mount PCB
  • Dimension: 8*10.5*10 mm

OncQue RBS200100 4 Direction 45° Tilt Switch

  • Operating Angle: 45°
  • Type: SMD
  • Suitable for Vertical PCB
  • Dimension: 8*10.5*10 mm

OncQue RBS360104 Photoelectric 65° Tilt Switch

  • Operating Angle: 65°
  • Type: DIP
  • Suitable for Horizontal PCB
  • Dimension: 10.5*8*12 mm