Omni-directional Vibration Detecting

  • Omni-directional Vibration Detecting
  • Omni-directional Vibration Detecting
● Description: Ball-Contact / Ball Contact
● Function: Omni-directional Vibration Detecting
● Model: VBS100100T
● Waterproof testing: 1M 30 minutes
● Extremely small
● Certification: RoHS,REACH,Patent
● Original Place: Taiwan
● 100% Inspection with High Quality

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Switch State
SMD Normal Open
PCB direction
Vertical and Horizontal PCB
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C

Electrical Characteristics

  • Maximum Contacting Rate: 10mA
  • Operation Diagram: Refer to Fig .1 
  • Insulation Resistance: 1,000MΩ min. at 100 VDC
  • Dielectric Strength: 500 VDC min. for 1 minute
  • Capacitance: 5pF max.

Reliable Test Items

  • Humidity: 40°C / 95%RH
  • Mechanical Life: 2HZ,horizontal  1,000,000 times
  • Electrical Life: 100,000 times

Current/Voltage Suggested

Input Current(mA)
Operating Voltage (V)
1.0 3 --

  • Both Suitable for horizontal and vertical PCB.
  • The VBS100100T acts like a normally closed switch which chatters open and closed as it is tilted or vibrated. Note that the VBS100100T is not guaranteed to be closed --- occasionally the sensing mechanism may remain open when at rest. The engineer should design his or her software to look for high-to-low and low-to-high edge transitions rather than an open or closed state of the switch.
  • Tiny size, suitable for small space.
  • Gold-plated ball and terminals, low possibility of oxidization.
  • Housing made of high insulation plastic material, free from electric conduction and rust problem.
  • All plastic materials subject to industrial purpose, resist high temperature and meet fireproof function.
  • RoHS compliance, an ideal substitute for mercury switch
  • Simple ON and OFF signals, easy for design.
  • A more economical vibration detection option than IC design solution.
  • All made in Taiwan and Examined before shipment.